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    Supplier's Guide

    OKCHEM is a professional chemical B2B platform open to both the buyer and the supplier. And we offer a wide range of online and offline services to the suppliers on OKCHEM, to help them grow business.

    The membership suppliers can access to the following:

    OKCHEM Online Services

    • Supplier's Guide

      Unlimited Products Uploads

    • Supplier's Guide

      Directly contact with the supplier and respond to the inquiries

    • Supplier's Guide

      RFQ from OKCHEM

    • Supplier's Guide

      Get statistics report on OKCHEM

    • Supplier's Guide

      Online marketing promotions, including banner ads, search results priority, etc.

    OKCHEM Offline Services

    • Supplier's Guide

      Search potential targeted customer match for your product

    • Supplier's Guide

      Attend global chemical exhibitions for free & brand promotion at OKCHEM exhibitions

    • Supplier's Guide

      Help to visit customer

    • Supplier's Guide

      Translation Support

    Different membership may enjoy different rights.

    Contact us to know more about OKCHEM membership >>